Organic, Wildcrafted, Natural (O.W.N.) is a membership-based business association for the personal care industry in North America.

What We Do

O.W.N educates the media and consumers about organic practices and benefits. This includes having an expansive social media presence, as well as actively engaging with the press to share facts about organic methods, benefits, and milestones.

In this spirit, we know buying organic, wildcrafted and natural is a direct investment in the future of our planet, so we work to grow the organic market and our members’ businesses by educating consumers about this important relationship to our personal care products.

At O.W.N. we believe the organic movement embodies a philosophy that seeks to integrate the parts into a whole. 

Campaigning for the greater uptake of organic, we showcase its potential to nourish the world, preserve biodiversity, and counter climate change to governments and international associations.

The only way to become truly recognized for your dedication to producing and/or manufacturing organically is to become certified organic. The presence of the O.W.N. seal on a product guarantees to the consumer that the skin, body, hair care they are purchasing has been grown and produced according to federal organic standards. 

The O.W.N. name and seal are trusted as a mark of organic integrity by consumers and buyers nationwide.

We Represent Three Strategic Pillars

Organic, Wildcrafted and

O.W.N.’s mission is to promote and protect organic, wildcrafted and natural trade to benefit the environment, farmers, the public, and the economy.   O.W.N. envisions organic products becoming a significant part of everyday life, enhancing people's lives and the environment.

Our Mission Speaks Volumes

We believe that caring for our skin should not prevent caring for our health or for the planet
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