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Industry: O.W.N. Certification will help you produce and bring to market personal care products that meet the definition of natural. It gives manufacturers, suppliers and retailers the information and tools you need to maintain high levels of consistency among products labeled "natural," as well as inform consumers about how to identify truly natural personal care products.

Please provide all the information below. It will be reviewed by our Advisory Board within 7 days. We will contact you with any questions.  Logo can only be used on products if you are an approved Product Certified member. Logo and the use of the O.W.N. logo are property of the association and can revoked at anytime for misuse.

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The only way to become truly recognized for your dedication to producing, manufacturing and/or selling organically is to become certified organic. The presence of the O.W.N. seal on a product guarantees to the consumer that the skin, body, hair care they are purchasing has been grown and produced according to federal organic standards. The O.W.N. name and seal are trusted as a mark of organic integrity by consumers and buyers nationwide.

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The Essence of the O.W.N. certification

The O.W.N. natural standard is based on natural ingredients, safety, responsibility and sustainability.

Natural Ingredients: A product labeled "natural" should be made up of only, or at least almost only, natural ingredients and be manufactured with appropriate processes to maintain ingredient purity.

  • Safety: A product labeled "natural" should avoid any ingredient with a suspected human health risk.
  • Responsibility: A product labeled "natural" should use no animal testing in its development.
  • Sustainability: A product labeled "natural" should use biodegradable ingredients and the most environmentally sensitive packaging.

Under The O.W.N. Certification, allowed ingredients come from or are made from a renewable resource found in nature (flora, fauna, mineral), with absolutely no petroleum compounds.

For each ingredient, the substance must be listed as generally recognized as safe when used in accordance with FDA's good manufacturing practices (GMP) and contain no residues of heavy metals or other contaminants in excess of tolerances set by FDA or EPA or has been reviewed using criteria in this Standard.

Ingredients that may be allowed for products certified under the O.W.N. certification because they meet the O.W.N. definition of natural or they are allowed synthetics under the O.W.N. certification.

To determine if an ingredient is appropriate for a O.W.N. Certified Natural Product, manufacturers must evaluate the ingredient to assure that it is made with raw materials from natural sources, verify it has been manufactured using the allowed ecological processes outlined in the O.W.N. certification, and that the ingredient does not contain any prohibited substances identified in the Natural Standard. Manufacturers and retailers can find the definition of Natural, and a list description of allowed and prohibited ingredients and processes within the appendix of The O.W.N. Certification.

The O.W.N. Certification requires that companies be transparent, fully disclosing their ingredients accurately and truthfully. They should strive to maximize their use of recyclable and post-consumer recycled content in packaging. And no animal testing of ingredients or products is allowed.

Companies must also provide verifiable information regarding all company personal care products to confirm that 60% of the personal care products in that brand line meet the O.W.N.

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